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Vom Hallynn Haus German Shepherds ..Solid Black and Sables! 

Breeder of East German - Czech -West German working  line puppies in solid black and black sables 

Breeder of European working bloodline  German Shepherds.  East German, Czech and West German linage, in Solid Black, Black Sables and Red Sables.


                       FOR SALE:  $1200.00             


Moose vom Hallynn Haus  AKC  Registered  DOB Sept.3, 2017 

is a very stricking black sable male with beautiful structure,

large bone, stocky body with a HUGE gorgeous head like his sire

Reggie. He is a  Olinda x Reggie son.

Moose  is for sale to a pet home or working home, he is not  for breeding. He is up to date on vaccinations , de-worming as well as rabies. He is on leashed trained. He know basic commands. House broken. Good with other dogs big

and small. 

Moose is use to living in the home, but can be kenneled when needed to be.

He love to go for rides , he is wonderful in the vehicle. Great with people  and children.

Such  a fantastic puppy, very stable in his temperament. 

Very out going and warm personality. He is AKC registered.

Very intelligent and a quick learner.

If your loving our stud boy Reggie then you will love the quality of Moose

as he stands in the type of his sire and looks like him!!

Moose comes with health , hips and Elbow guarantee.

If interested in Moose give me a call. 434-989-3703 

Purchase price is  $1200. 00. 



One of our gorgeous young males .Black sable

of Jazzmine x Reggie.

Wolfman vom Hallynn Haus

Thanks Danny for the use of the picture.

Sarge vom Hallynn Haus

Sarge is a gorgeous solid black male out

of our Reggie x Maya breeding standing in the type of his 

sire. Sarge resides in IN with Nick and his family.

We would like to thank Nick for the use of Sarge picture as well as adding this boy to our breeding program in the  future.

Meet Yogi vom Hallynn Haus 

He's  Jazzmine x Reggie son who resided in Florida with 

his brother Boo boo vom Hallyn  Haus who is a big black sable male.

Simon said that Yogi and Boo boo are both doing wonderful in their training.

The two boys belong to Simon and Kelli Selwood  who have become very good friends of mine.

Thanks guys for the use of Yogi's picture.



                                                     "He is your friend, your partner,  your defender, you dog.You are his life, his love, his leader.  He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.  You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."
                        **** Author Unknown ****

   My Motto is...Puppies learn what they repeat and you promote what you permit.      

    Who Will Guard the Guardian?


       " Live Every Moment...Laugh Every Day...Love Beyond Words "


  OFA Good Hips, Normal Elbows and DM clear

                           How  I   Wish.....

What I would give, to be able to hear  you just one more time.The soft sigh of your breath on my arm as you gently would nudge me to gain my attention. The look in your eyes as  you would gaze up at me, full of love and if I were the greatest thing on earth. The smell of your fur as I bury my nose deep into your neck.How I wish I could do these things, just one more time. How I wish, that I could look in your eyes just once more, and whisper...".I love you Phantom",           

  Phantom vom Hallynn Haus...never a dog so loved!!!  Gone, but  never will be forgotten.....and greatly missed!!! He left his big ole paw prints on my heart!!!


                 Please Note: It is best to call me .. 1-434-989-3703 if your interested in a puppy. 

 Welcome to our web site......

    We are a small breeding facility located in the beautiful state of Virginia. We have been breeding and working this wonderful breed for over 40 years now.

 I would like to welcome  my son  SHANNON WILBER  my business partner to vom Hallynn Haus. He has been working along side of me for the past 4 years learning all about this wonderful breed and the different bloodlines. He always had a love for the German Shepherds as I have since he was a young boy.

We strive to produce the very best German Shepherds possible.Not only looking good ,but are structurally sound in both mind and body. Having superb temperament and character. Solid nerve,balance drives, and a high desire to work,focus and please.

We will not use a dog in our program that isn't 100% stable in its temperament.We will never sacrifice temperament for extreme drive!!!! 

We only produce two to three quality litters a year and only one litter at a time. We strongly believe in quality only...NOT quantity!

Our dogs are first an foremost members of our family.Taking great pride in our dogs as we do in our puppies we produce.Our puppies are beautiful, healthy, intelligent and well socialized.

They are very much loved from the moment they are born.  They have big block type heads, stocky body with large bone and correct working structure.

Our puppies make wonderful family members as well as nice working prospects with the right raising and training. However, we do not guarantee the working ability on any puppy.

From the time my female show signs of whelping her litter I'm in the birthing room with her until each and every puppy is born, nursing, and all are resting well....both mother and her babies.

 I'm here 24/7 with my puppies. I do not work from outside of the home. I spend countless hours evaluating, socializing  an imprinting my puppies. Helping them develop in self confidence, social abilities and direct them toward their full potential.

 Below are two friends of my grandson who came to visit with our dogs. This was the first time our dogs had ever met these two young boys. It truly shows the great temperament in which our dogs have with children.

Good, loving homes is ALWAYS our main Concern. And I must tell you,I do "NOT " have a problem turning anyone away that I don't feel will give one of our babies the best home possible.  

Due to the quality of our dogs, our  puppies are sold long before the breeding's ever take place so early reservations are very strongly advised.

Our dogs and puppies are AKC Registered with the American kennel Club.          

 All our dogs are DM Normal for Degenerative Myelopathy. We will not breed to ANY dog that is a DM carrier. This is a very horrible disease!!                                                                           

References are gladly given on request.

To view more picture of our gorgeous dogs click on their names or the more button.      

 We hope you enjoy your visit....                                                                                         


      Remember ... Quality isn't expensive ....its priceless!!



     Olinda x Ace. Puppies expected March .5, 2018


  This will be a solid black litter.We expect puppies with well round temperament, intelligence and wonderful character. Big body, strong bone and nice heads.


Remember with the right puppy raising, socialization and pertaining your puppy can excel in many venues you wish to take them in. My motto is...Puppies learn what they repeat and you promote what you permit.  


      Meet Remi  vom Hallynn Haus.She is pictured at 7 months of age. She is the daughter of our dogs Reggie and Maya. She is such a beautiful female. Remi is not for sale.She belongs to my client Courtney and we would like to thank her for the use of her picture.


Our stud dog Reggie...                             


                      Reggie vom Sucherquelle

  OFA GOOD HIPS GS-92581G53M-VIP  Normal Elbows GS-EL32771M57-VIP  DM GS-9581G53M-VIP   DNA #799052

Reggie is a dark black sable with a deep rich red under coat. He's a stunning male,with a huge head, heavy bone, thick wide stocky body and a short wide muzzle. He has very dark eyes. Reggie has a superb temperament and great character.

 Our breeding's produce puppies that are healthy, intelligent ,well rounded individuals with sound temperament, solid nerve,having great character.Having wonderful personalities and good social skills.Puppies will have excellent dark rich pigment.      

        There is a   non-refundable deposit of  $300.00 to be placed on our waiting list. Our puppies are priced at $1500.00  limited AKC Registration and  $2000.00 for  full  AKC Registration rights .This does not include shipping expensive.

All puppies must be paid in full no later then 6 weeks of age "NO" exception, or you risk forfeiting your puppy and I have the right to re-home to the next available client. So please make sure your able to have your puppy paid in full at that time. I am always happy to work with you if you need more time, but I will need to know that in advance. Thank you!

PLEASE NOTE:  Puppies CANNOT be shipped before 8 weeks of age, There is also ground transportation available through Mary and Tom at Mvpanimaltransort.comYou can fined them under my link page also.


Meet Ace vom Hallynn Haus  a Police K9 in New Jersey with his partner /owner Police Officer Mike Curren. Ace is the son of Phantom and Maya.

W would like to thank all our Police Officers and their K9 Partners who put their life on the line for us everyday. Thank you!!!

 Meet Obi vom Hallynn Haus. Obi is a gorgeous black sable and the son of our Jazzmine and Reggie. His owner is Second Lieutenant Jennifer Lescallett. Police Officer and Chief Flight Officer of their helicopter division in Fairfax county of Virginia . Obi is their hanger dog and we cant wait to see what is in store for this guy as we watch him grow up. 



   A huge congratulations to Kaye Huebart and her boy Levi for achieving his BH title!

Watch for more titles as they go for his IPO1

                    Levi vom Hallynn Haus  BH 

            OFA Excellent Hips Normal Elbows                                              

  Levi Vom Hallynn Haus  resides with my dear friend Kaye Huebart in WI. Kaye is doing a fantastic job with Levi.He also competed in the AKC Barn Search and found the rat in 30 seconds. Levi received his AKC S.T.A.R. title reward and he also received his BH Schutzhund title! Way to go Levi!!

Levi and Kaye training for Schutzhund.They say he is a natural!  


 Jazzmine and Reggies litter....puppies are 5 weeks of age. All puppies have been sold from this litter.                         


                           Talk about ball drive!



                                                               A dog with great character and excellent temperament...

           Phantom with our Dachshund  Issy                                        

   Last, but not least a solid black male puppy... Ike.. resides in Virginia with the Green family.



 I do not feed my dogs or puppies anything made from China!!! We feed Taste of the Wild grain free kibbles and a raw diet to our dogs and puppies.



 Phantom v Hallynn Haus .... What an awesome dog he was!!!!

One of the most gorgeous blacks I have seen to date. He was my home grown puppy produced from one of my own breeding and I'm extremely proud of this awesome boy as I am his gorgeous daughter Jazzmine.

          My pride ....My Joy......oh how I loved him!!!!



  Contact us at....                                            [email protected] for your next puppy or

                 Call +1- 434-989-3703

 Rhoda Hall 805 Whippoorwill Lane Shipman VA 22971 


 A dog is the only thing on this earth that loves you more then he loves his self!    





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                            Freedom isn't free!!!

            God  Bless  our Veterans....our Hero's!!


                                 Remember ....Freedom don't come free!!!!


       Please help to support our Veterans !!!! They gave their all for us and their country!!!





 You may not copy, reproduce or distribute Vom Hallynn Haus web site design or contents in any form without the explicit consent of vom Hallynn Haus.

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