Vom Hallynn Haus German Shepherds ..Solid Black and Sables! 

Breeder of East German - Czech -West German working  line puppies in solid black and black sables 

 Pups we have produce.....

   Here you will fined pictures of just some of the dogs we have  produced in solid black as well as dark sable

           Isabella v Hallynn Haus resided in PA with her family the Yost.


              J-Noel resided in Northern VA  Showing with her owner Liz



   Police Officer Henzley and his vom Hallynn Haus puppy. Resides in FL


                         SAR female Nuky vom Hallynn Haus



 Panzer vom Hallynn Haus resides in VA with his owner Jason. He's a gorgeous boy and looks like his sire Phantom at his young age.



                  Bock v Hallynn Haus Resided in GA


       Ernestine v Hallynn Haus  resided in Virginia


        Boban v Hallynn Haus resided is Bermuda


      Phantom v Hallynn Haus  my former stud dog home bred by my own breeding out of two gorgeous sable dogs I owned. Wolf von der Haus Maul and Gunda v Riverhaus.


   Inka v Hallynn Haus Resided in Richmond VA


            Resided in Taxes


         Bono v Hallynn Haus resided in Bermuda with Cliff  Payne


          Indy v Hallynn Haus Resided in Virginia and working in Agility


     Kimba vom Hallynn Haus he resided is CA with Jeff Willis


 Working in bite work resided in GA


  Tera vom Patton a vom Hallynn Haus female resided in OH


  Gamma vom Hallynn Haus (with red ball) and her aunt Anna ( with purple ball)belongs to my dearest friend Julia Watson of VA Her protectors...


 Tex v Hallynn Haus  Reggie x Jazzmine pup