Vom Hallynn Haus German Shepherds ..Solid Black and Sables! 

Breeder of East German - Czech -West German working  line puppies in solid black and black sables 

Planned Breeding's


                            We will NO longer except  names on our waiting list without a deposit. AS OF  March 8th 2018 Their  is a $100.00 deposit to be placed on the list which  is  Non-refundable....NO Exceptions! 

            We have planned breeding's  for 2018 as well as 2019 so be sure to scroll down to the see which breeding's  are taking place. Waiting list has been started for each of these breeding's. You can also check out each dogs on their page by clicking on their name, or the more button for pedigrees.                                               


                                           Please  Note:......                                    

       All our  litter will  be clear for DM ( Degenerative Myelopathy) meaning your puppy will never come down with this horrible disease on any of our litters.

 We will have solid black and black sable, puppies with huge heads, heavy bone and stocky body type with correct structure for working. These pups will be well rounded puppies which will  have outstanding temperament, are highly intelligent, easy to train, with solid nerves . We will have puppies with lower to higher energy levels. With the right raising and training as well as socialization these puppies can excel in many venue that you might want to do with your puppy. However, I do not guarantee the working ability of any puppy. Our puppies   make wonderful  loyal family members which is what I strive for. TEMPERAMENT and HEALTH is the up most important thing to us.

Remember when breeding two solid black dogs together, you can only produce solid black puppies. 

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                            Waiting on Sierra to come into her heat cycle.  2018 breeding...                          



Sierra X Ace  .....(sables and solid blacks)    Pending OFA certifications  both are DM Clear  FULL EAST German breeding.

Males: #1 and #2 Brad Carruthers VA   #3 Brain Gaydoa VA

Females: #1 Greg Hickman WA  # 2 Breanna Gaspervich WI   #3 Micheal Minor MN   #4  Rachael Kirchner  CT



                        Breeding 2018 late summer

Jazzmine X Ace  (This will be a solid black litter only)    

Males: #1 Zacharian Smith  OK    #2 Anthony  Halter AK   #3 Philip Tran  CA 

Females:  #1 Maryann Skalski Virginia Beach VA    #2  Rachael Kirchner  CT



Olinda x Reggie  2018 late summer early fall

males: #1 Police Officer Mike Lantiese  CT    #2 Jeanne Lampton VA  #3 Tony Campbell VA   # 4 Timothy Foley VA

Females:   #1 Kelly Barringer GA   # 2 Milly Battle VA

Jazzmine x Reggie breeding    2019

Males: #1 VHH pick litter male  #2 Chris Lenertz  VA

Female: #1 Andy Becker  AR   #2 Raymond Tucker  FL

 Olinda x Reggie planned breeding 2019

Males: #1 Jonathan Ames  WV



Olinda x Panzer       This will be a solid black litter



           Just a few pups from Maya x Reggie 's last litter. Their pups are doing outstanding in their new homes.




                              Just a few of Jazzmine x Reggie puppies .

                     Reggie and Jazzmine both stamp their heads on their puppies.


                            Phantom v Hallynn Haus  6 months.....


                                     Phantom going over the jump



      Phantom playing with his daughter......




                               Phantom working in  protection work

 How an individual develops depends on how the pup is raised. Puppies must be correctly socialized and handled everyday....the first six months is very critical if the puppy is to develop into a well-adjusted adult. Much time and energy is needed in this time-frame. Vom Hallynn Haus has started correctly....healthy puppies with excellent bloodlines, sound body structure, clear minds,  a good quality food ( Taste of the Wild)  and lots of handling and love, so once  my  pups leave from here, it is up to the new owner(s) to finish the job I have started. Proper raising is not to be taken lightly....the rewards for a job well done is a loving, devoted  friend for life. 

    Socialization , Imprinting and Pre-training your puppy is extremely importent and the key factor to a well mannered dog that you can happily  live with. Your reward will be tremendous and you will have a great friend and companion to enjoy for many years that can go all places and do all things with you, off lead and how happy your dog will be to spend many days by your side.

 Remember...  If you ask nothing of your dog that is exactly what you will get!