Vom Hallynn Haus German Shepherds ..Solid Black and Sables! 

Breeder of East German - Czech -West German working  line puppies in solid black and black sables 

   For Sale


                                                       NOTHING FOR SALE AT THIS TIME


 Check out up coming breeding page. Thank you!


         How an individual develops depends on how the pup is raised. Puppies must be correctly socialized and handled everyday....the first six months is very critical if the puppy is to develop into a well-adjusted adult. Much time and energy is needed in this time-frame. vom Hallynn Haus has started correctly....excellent bloodlines, sound body structure, clear minds, a good quality food and handling...so once the pups leave from here, it is up to the new owners to finish the job I have started. Proper raising is not to be taken lightly...the rewards for a job well done is a loving and devoted friend for life.





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