Vom Hallynn Haus German Shepherds ..Solid Black and Sables! 

Breeder of East German - Czech -West German working  line puppies in solid black and black sables 



                                         Sales  Contract and Guarantee

 Where Vom Hallynn Haus  here is called the seller and is the owner of a German Shepherd Puppy further described as follows:

Breeder litter name:  _____    Litter#:________________

DOB:_____________ Sex:________Color:_________

Sires Name:______________________         

Registration #:____________________ 

Dams Name:______________________        Registration #_____________________

Here who is Called the buyer____________________, is purchasing the described puppy as a Pet or Potential working prospect:_______________

In consideration of the sum of $ _____________dollars, the seller hereby conveys one German Shepherd puppy to the buyer under the following warranties and conditions, with no other warranties or conditions expressed or implied.

Note: There is a non refundable deposit to hold a puppy in the amount of $100.00 in order to be placed on our waiting list. Deposit goes toward the purchase price of the puppy. Our puppies are priced as followed. $1500.00 for Limited AKC Registrations ( Pet home).

$2000.00 for Full AKC Registration rights. 

The described puppy...

1.Is a purebred which is able to be registered with the American Kennel Club.

2. Health Guarantee... Free from any and all communicable diseases at the time of sale through a thorough licensed Veterinary examination to ensure good health before placement.

3.Has had its set of vaccinations and De-worming's appropriate for the puppy's age, as set forth in their health records which are provided to the buyer upon the purchase from Vom Hallynn Haus. 

4. Pet puppies are sold on a limited Registration and must not be neutered or spayed before the age of 18 months. If neutered, spayed, or bred before the age of 18 months the guarantee becomes VOID. Pet puppies are sold with a one year guarantee for severe Hip Dysplasia and must be x-rayed by a licensed Veterinarian at 12 months of age and the x-rays must be sent off to the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) for grading. A copy of the OFA report must be sent to Vom Hallynn Haus. If said puppy should be found to be severally Dysplastic by the OFA then a replacement puppy will be given when one becomes available at that time. Replacement puppy may not be from the same breeding pair,which will be the breeders choice if a replacement puppy is to be given.

5.Working ability is not guaranteed. 

6.Working prospect puppies are guaranteed for hips to pass OFA with an Excellent, Good, or Fair at two years of age by the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals). If before this date:__________ this said dog in the opinion of a licensed Veterinarian and OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) develops hip Dysplasia due to its breeding, then the certificate along with a copy of the confirmation (report) of the x-rays and the described dogs registration papers #_______________ must be signed and returned back over to Vom Hallynn Haus and said dog is to be neutered or spayed before a replacement puppy will be given when one becomes available. Replacement puppy may not be of the same breeding pair which will be the choice of the breeder when one becomes available.

Dysplasia caused by obesity, dietary deficiency, or over exertion from heavy exercise, jumping, or any other preventable reason WILL NOT be guaranteed. *NO REPLACEMENTS WILL BE GIVEN WHERE PROBLEMS HAS RESULTED FROM BUYERS NEGLECT!!!* Only Genetic Hip Dysplasia is guaranteed.

Please note: Even dogs that are OFA Excellent, Good or Fair "can" produce a puppy with Hip Dysplasia from time to time. There is "NO" bloodline that is 100% free of producing Hip Dysplasia. If a breeder tells you other wise they are not being honest. 

7. In all cases where a replacement puppy is to be made by Vom Hallynn Haus the seller, buyers may keep his/her said dog...But the AKC Registration must be signed and returned back over to Vom Hallynn Haus before a replacement will be given. AGAIN NOTE: Where a replacement is to be made by Vom Hallynn Haus the seller, the buyer IS and WILL be responsible for all the shipping charges of the replacement puppy once one becomes available to the buyer.

8.From day of contract, buyer agrees to assume all cost for Veterinarian and all other health related needs of this puppy while in the buyers possession. The buyer shall assume full responsibility for health, anatomical make up as well as temperament from this day on.  

9.Once puppy leaves from Vom Hallynn Haus we no longer have control over its temperament as well as the type of the environment for which the puppy is raised in. Dogs and puppies can develop temperament issues as a result in the way that they are raised which is a learned behavior that we have "NO CONTROL" over, therefore there will be "NO" temperament guarantee.

10.In the event that the buyer cannot keep his/her puppy for any reason, Vom Hallynn Haus the seller has first rights of refusal of the puppy in which (both) the seller and the buyer has agreed upon.

11.If the puppy is sold by the buyer, then the contract /guarantee is "NOT" transferable to the new purchaser from Vom Hallynn Haus the seller. If buyer does not contact Vom Hallynn Haus with first rights of refusal of the puppy for sale then this contract becomes VOID!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!

12.Buyer agrees that Vom Hallynn Haus, the seller CAN and WILL REPOSSESS puppy upon the EVIDENCE OF ABUSE / NEGLECT at NO expense to the seller. The buyer agrees to NEVER place the puppy in an Animal Shelter, sell to a PET store or a PUPPY MILL. Buyer also agrees to never leave puppy tied out side to live its life on a chain or in a kennel.

13.Puppy MUST be paid in full no later then 6 weeks of age which includes all shipping expenses if the puppy needs to be shipped. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS unless seller and buyer has agreed upon otherwise stated here.___________. IF puppy is NOT paid for in full by 6 weeks of age, other wise written above, then Vom Hallynn Haus, the seller will assume that the buyer has abandoned his or her puppy and that the seller has the right to re-sell and re-home the puppy with NO REFUNDS due to the buyer in anyway. So please make sure you can have the puppy paid for by 6 weeks of age before making the commitment to purchase a puppy. All monies paid for puppy is NON-REFUNDABLE no Exceptions. 

14.For all puppies needing to be shipped there will be added shipping fee charges of $________that the buyer "IS" responsible for which will cover all the shipping expenses. Puppies CANNOT be shipped before 8 weeks of age. All puppies to be shipped will have to have a State Certified Health Certificate prior to shipping which is at the buyers expense. This is for shipping or ground transportation only.

15.Shots and De-worming records have been given to the buyer along with the puppy's AKC Registration application and pedigree litter certificate. 

16.All puppies sold will carry the Vom Hallynn Haus kennel name. If our kennel name is "NOT" used then this contract becomes NULL and VOID.

17.Always feed your puppy a high quality kibble for (large breed puppy) along with a raw diet and keep your puppy lean. Never try to grow your puppy out to fast or let it become to heavy. Do "NOT" let your puppy jump upon or off things and do "NOT" let your puppy climb up and down a lot of steps. When taking your puppy for walks always keep the walks short." NEVER EVER" pick your puppy up by their legs. Added stress to the puppies joints which are still soft and still developing can cause Hip Dysplasia. Let your puppy be a puppy, but remember environment as well as poor nutrition plays a big roll in Hip Dysplasia.

18.We do not guarantee the reproducing capabilities of any puppy.

19.We the breeders, Rhoda Hall and Shannon Wilber of Vom Hallynn Haus have done everything within our power to provide you with a well bred, healthy puppy characterized by physical and mental soundness.

20.I the buyer,_________________________ having read and fully understand this contract/guarantee will abide by its fullest demands.

21.Any litigation arising from this sales contract will take place in Nelson County, Virginia and are subject solely and exclusively to the laws of Nelson county, Virginia. 

We would like to take this time to thank you on your purchase of your Vom Hallynn Haus German Shepherd puppy.

Buyer's Signature:_______________________Date:________

Buyer's Address:____________________________________

Buyers  Phone #:_______________

Seller's Signature:_______________Date:__________

Seller's Address:_______________________________

Sellers Phone #:_______________