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Breeder of East German - Czech -West German working  line puppies in solid black and black sables 

Olinda's Pedigree

Roland Glen Fingers von Ryanhaus  SP  CGC  HIC  TDI  TT TC  AD  BH

OFA Certifications:  Good Hips  Normal Elbows   Cardiac Normal  CERF GS-1509   Thyroid Normal   DM Normal Temperament test: Passed GSDCA 

Stella Mary von Ryanhaus TT- 2795-GSD

OFA Good Hips Normal Elbows  DM Normal

SG- Lord vom Gleisdreieck  SchH3 FH3

3x Bundenssieger 85-86-87     2 x East German Champion 85-86

"a" Normal Hips

Lord was an excellent Top producing East German Stud dog who was renowned for imparting excellent working drive into his offspring's  and was one of the finest producers of sound hips( producing Good-Excellent hips around 98.5% success rate) Lord  got his SchH1 title with a perfect score of 300 points.The highest score you can receive. Out of his first19 trials, he scored 15 perfect 100's in tracking. His lowest tracking score was 97. Lord had a very long successful list of outstanding working progeny. There were 15 BSP  Competitors within that list.

His bloodlines contain DDR lines to many of the great, Old DDR Blood, notably Jeff  vom Jeff vom Flamings-Sand and Ingo von Rudingen  ( who is credited with producing some of the strongest  structural health for the working German Shepherds gene pool, vastly improving upon pigmentation and working abilities.) 

 Meisterschaft  scores  are:  1985 100/95/97.5    1986 100/97/98  1987 100/94.5/97  Lord was trained by Baldur Kranz                    You will fined Lord in my pedigrees of both my males ands and females.

SG-Grando Mecklenburger Buffel BH

I seen  this male in person many years ago when I visited Baima Kennels in Stone Ridge New York, and he was one very impressive male!

This dog was awesome in looks as   well a s structure. He was massive in body, heavy bone, with that huge DDR type head.He has extremely dark pigment with an outstanding temperament.

I have been looking for bloodlines with Grando in it for a long time. Grando is on Olinda's dam side.With my great dogs behind both her sire and dam side.