Vom Hallynn Haus German Shepherds ..Solid Black and Sables! 

Breeder of East German - Czech -West German working  line puppies in solid black and black sables 

Planned Breeding's

We no longer except names on our waiting list without a deposit. There is a $100.00 deposit to be placed on the waiting list which is NON refundable. No exceptions. Deposit goes toward the purchase price of a puppy. Please note:Any and all monies place on a puppy is non refundable if you should change your mind. Puppies are sold in the order I receive the deposits. 

Anyone who has to have pick of the litter on any one of our breeding's  male or female call for price.

 Waiting list have been started for these planned breeding's for 2020  and 2021

 Please note that all our litters will be DM Clear for ( Degenerative Myelopathy )... meaning, no puppy will ever come down with this horrible disease from any one of our breeding's. 

We will have solid black and black sables with gorgeous heads, strong bone and correct working structure. These puppies will be well rounded with excellent temperament,highly intelligent, easy to train, with good nerve and a high desire to please.

We will have puppies with lower to medium high energy levels. With the proper raising and training as well as socialization these puppies with excel in many venues that you might like to do with the puppy.

Our puppies make wonderful loyal family member's, and that is what we strive for. Temperament and Health is of the up most important thing to us in our breeding program.

When is comes to purchasing a puppy, remember color should remain the least thing of interest when looking for the right puppy that meets the needs of a client or that of the puppy.

We will have solid black litters available  as well as Blacks and sables from our breeding pairs.

***Watch for new DDR male and female coming in 2020***




 Breeding to take place July/August

Jazzmine x Ace 

Males: #1 Mark Wilkerson NC



12 gorgeous puppies born on June 9, 2020

This litter is sold !!! Thank you!

Shamara x Ace 

Males: #1 Jim Bensley NY  #2 Madison  Bemis  NY #3 Tony Johnson VA # 4 Kendra Olson VA 

Females: #1 Karl Carratola OH #2 Nathaniel Connolly ME  #3 Rodney Dean FL #4 Vicky Perkins VA #5 Louis  Tapia VA #6 Mary Howard PD #7 Garret  Every VA  #8 Kim Reyna VA 


Planned breeding  2020


Olinda x Reggie 

Males: #1 Charlene Repp VA  #2 Stephine Arnold VA  #3 Josh Perry MI  #4 Courtney Jordan MD 

Females: #1 Carley Boyles FL #2 Trish Wilber NY                                                                                 



Fancy x Ace 2021 

Males: #1 Barry and Stacy Burrell VA #2 Chelsea Wilson MD



Olinda x Ace 2021

Males: #1 Peggy Mayette ME





Shamara x Ace  2021

How an individual developed depends how the puppy is raised. Puppies must be correctly socialized and handled everyday. The first six months is very critical if the puppy is to develop into a well- adjusted adult. Much time and energy is needed in this time frame. Vom Hallynn Haus has started correctly...healthy puppies with excellent bloodlines, sound body structure, clear minds,  good quality food, along with lot of love and handling. So once my puppies leave here its up to the new owner{s} to finish the job we have started.

Proper raising is not to be taken lightly. The rewards for a job well done is a loving devoted Friend for life.

Pictured is Kilo vom Hallynn Haus as a puppy. Brother to Shanara and Fancy.

Socialization , imprinting and pre-training  your puppy is extremely important and the key factor to a well mannered dog you can happily live with. Your rewards will be tremendous and you will have a great friend and companion to enjoy for many years to come, that can go all places and do all things with you off lead and how happy your dog will be to spend many days by your side. 

Remember is you ask nothing of your dog that's just what you'll get.