Vom Hallynn Haus German Shepherds Solid Black and Sables! 

Breeder of East German - Czech -West German working  line puppies in solid black and black sables 


                                                 Our East German stud dog ...black sable   



                                                              Picture taken on April 19 2015

                                             Meet our new Stud dog... Reggie vom Sucherquelle

                                    OFA Good Hips OFA Normal Elbows  OFA DM Normal DNA

Reggie's a striking dark black sable male with a rich red under coat. He has correct working structure, with a  huge blocky head, a wide short muzzle, with heavy bone substance and VERY dark eyes. He's much darker then his picture is showing.

Reggie has an excellent demeanor. A very warm out going personality, and excellent temperament. However, Reggie does have a VERY  serious side when it come to protecting his family and he will  let you know it  very quickly! 

He's has wonderful play/prey/ball drive. Love to retrieve his ball. 

Reggie produces gorgeous pups, with huge heads, heavy bone and very correct structure.



                                      Our Boy is  Tank!!! He has a head on him like a bear      



                                 This is one of Reggie's daughters doing in training. She belongs to

Judy Alexander and I'd like to thank her for the use of her gorgeous girls picture...Thanks Judy!!