Vom Hallynn Haus German Shepherds Solid Black and Sables! 

Breeder of East German - Czech -West German working  line puppies in solid black and black sables 

Training Pictures of some of our dogs.

Lexi vom Hallynn Haus on April 27, 2018 earned her BH title as well as passing her temperament test with the German Shepherd Dog Club of America on April 23, 2018

Pictured with her owner Paulette McBride and the judge from Germany.

Way to go Lexi!!! Great job with her Paulette!

Lets see what venue Paulette has planned for Lexi next. :-)

Ace v Hallynn Haus is a certified Police K9 

Indy v Hallynn Haus training with her owner Michelle Slaughter in Scent detection.

 Panzer vom Hallynn Haus in working in scent detection with his owner Jason Slaughter. Pazner is the brother to Indy above. Both Jason and his wife Michelle has done an excellent job with both of  our vom Hallynn Haus dogs.

Jason  also has his certification in bomb detection with his other girl Dina. 

Kilo v Hallynn Haus working/training in personal protection with his owner Brittney.

Brittney will be working Kilo toward his IPO.

Levi Vom Hallynn Haus

Training in the sport of schutzhund.

He belongs to my good friend Kaye.

She has done a fantastic  job with this boy.

Levi also has his CGC and BH title

Lexi vom  Hallynn Haus  training in bite work.